Rules and Regulations


It is each and every rider’s responsibility to be aware of and to comply with these rules! Failure to do so may result in disqualification. 

- Only registered riders may compete in a series event. An official ride number plate must be displayed by each rider. No rider shall cut, fold, mutilate, apply stickers to or alter in any way the number plate. Numbers are not transferable. Penalty is disqualification.

- All riders must wear a properly secured helmet at all times during the ride as well as when pre-riding or warming up on the course.

- All riders must wear proper riding attire, including a shirt, shorts, and fully-enclosed shoes during the ride.

- MP3 players and other personal listening devices are allowed but must not interfere with a rider's awareness of other riders and their surroundings on the cycling course. 

- Each rider is responsible for having their bike in good operating condition. All riders must be self-sufficient. All repairs during the Quest must be performed by the individual riders. Tools and spare parts used in a repair must be carried by the rider. No off-course assistance is allowed.

Spare Bike

This is grass roots ride; a fun encouraging environment is encouraged.

- Deviation from the marked course will result in disqualification unless the rider re-enters the course at point of exit. This includes ducking under any flagging marking the boundaries of the finish chute. A rider that purposely leaves the marked course during competition is deemed to have retired from the cycling event and will be scored as a DQ or DNF. 

- Feeding and/or "hand-ups" may occur on any part of the course. However any interference with another rider during a hand-up is grounds for disqualification. Designated feed zones may be available at each event, please try to use them to avoid interference with other rider.  

- A rider on their bike has the right-of-way over one pushing their bike. It is the responsibility of an overtaking rider to pass safely. No rider is expected to stop cycling to allow other riders to pass. However, no rider shall intentionally impede the progress of another. A rider should make his/her presence known when overtaking a slower rider (i.e. "On your left. Please!"). Especially in single-track, await return communication from the rider being overtaken that it is safe to pass. 

- The use of profanity or flagrant discourtesy directed at another rider, event worker, or spectator is grounds for disqualification.

- Mountain biking is an individual sport, entering into agreements or forming alliances (monetary or otherwise) to control or alter the results of the ride will result in disqualification. 

- The event may be stopped by the Quest director in case of severe injury to a rider or life threatening weather. Riders failing to heed the instruction of medical personal and/or course marshals attending to an injured rider will be disqualified! 

- Protests of results, the conduct of riders, or any other matters related to the ride may only be filed by the participant in the event or a ride official. Protests must be reported to or filed with a timing official within 10 minutes of the completion of an event, posting of results, or a ruling to be considered valid. All results become final as of the presentation of awards. 

- The sale of merchandise or display of products for promotional purposes at GIANT UTM MTB QUEST 2011 without the permission the event organizer is prohibited. This includes but is not limited to banners, tents, and anything not permanently attached to a vehicle that a rider has driven to an event. 

- IGNORANCE OF THE RULES IS NEVER AN ADMISSIBLE DEFENSE! Final interpretation of the rules is up to the event director. These individuals have control over all riders, scorers, and officials at their event and their decision on these rules, and any situations not specifically covered by these rules, is final.

-          Riders ride at their own risk. Sponsors, organizers and UTM are not liable for any damages.
-          The organizer of GIANT UTM MTB Quest 2011 reserved the rights to make any necessary changes and amendments regarding the prize, goodies or any part of the rules and regulations at any time.