Sunday, December 12, 2010

UTM MTB Quest 2011

We are from Bioprocess Engineering Students Society (BIOSS), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) Johor Bahru campus proudly organized this inaugural event to show our support on healthy and green lifestyle together in advocating the well known recreational cycling activity among students and the community. BIOSS is a group of bioprocess engineering students from Faculty of Chemical Engineering (FChE) in UTM that gather and involve in co curriculum activities as one team in our programme, nationally and internationally.

UTM as a research university not only accommodates students with excellent academic program but also soft skills with application of the moral values in team building and leadership. Sustainability Research Alliances (SUSTAINABILITY) aims to enable UTM to function as a sustainable community. Continuous efforts has been done by UTM to maintain the campus sustainability by organizing such events previously with success, and it gives us the inspiration to embark on this event and instilling in all of us the strength to ensure this event will become a reality with guidance from the experts in this area. Some workshops and seminars are held to introduce sustainable campus or green living in UTM. Our faculty also contributes to this sustainability program in PROSPECT (Process System Engineering Center) for the government on energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.

We believe that UTM MTB Quest 2011 is able to promote and create the interest of cycling lifestyle in UTM. This is due to the fact that students prefer using automotive transportation which contributes to unhealthy emission to the surroundings. Several slots regarding recycling will also take place during this event. This is to ensure that students are aware of the importance of recycling to the mother nature. We have high hopes that this event will initiate others to follow suit and along the way change the attitude of students, lecturers and staffs by giving them wide view on sustainability, living healthy and most of all contributing towards a greener tomorrow.

This event is also hoped to enhance the relationship between community and professional sports clubs and also embrace the concept of 1Malaysia. Within the process of organizing this international event, we provide opportunities and encourage students and the community to be actively involved and have better physical and mental attitude in inspiring creative and innovative minds respective to UTM's motto.